Sorry! Elite Aria interactive training fan is no longer available.

Elite Aria interactive training fan


Embrace the game-changing technology of the Elite's Aria Interactive Training Fan. Providing a true-to-life simulation of outdoor cycling conditions, this innovative tool promises to elevate your static training routine to the next level.

  • Experience the real-time smart air flow feature which intelligently adjusts according to your workout intensity.
  • Open to a self-customised experience - the fan can be set to manage air flow based on your speed, power, heart rate, or body temperature.
  • Experience airflow speeds of up to 50 km/h, offered in 10 different tilt positions for optimum positioning versatility.
  • Breathe easy with the integrated activated carbon air filters, designed to cleanse the air. An essential for those training in dusty, humid environments or concerned with air quality.
  • Convenient connectivity is at your fingertips with wireless communication with your trainer, power meter, heart rate monitor, or body temperature sensor. This interactive fan provides seamless syncing via Bluetooth or ANT+, and can be managed effortlessly through the Elite My E-training app.
  • Equipped with top-mounted manual controls for an easy override of wireless inputs, or for those desiring a simple standalone fan operation.
  • Features a stylish and practical faux leather strap for easy portability.
  • With dimensions of 310mm x 360mm x 300mm and a weight of 6 KG, this compact fan is designed to fit comfortably into your training space.

Elite's Aria Interactive Training Fan is the missing piece for a complete, immersive static training experience. Try it once and you won't look back!

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