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Wolf Tooth Echo LockOn Grips One Size


The Wolf Tooth Echo Lock-On Grips are designed to help you keep a firm hold on your mountain bike handlebars, even over rough terrain or in wild weather conditions. Made from moulded rubber, they’re textured with an alternating pattern that is easy to grasp, with or without gloves. Simply tighten them onto your handlebar with a 3mm hex wrench, and you’re done.

Each grip comes with a bar plug to keep out mud and grit, plus a smart anodized aluminium collar, available in a choice of primary colours to match the Wolf Tooth spacers, bottle cage bolts, dropper levers, handlebar plugs and other components that you’ve added over the years. This will lock your grips firmly in place, so that they’ll absorb heavy impacts on the trails without budging.

These striking, hardy and functional grips will not only look great on your bike and make riding the trails easier and safer, they’re also a great long-term investment. Thanks to Wolf Tooth’s Right to Repair programme, when they finally do show signs of wear, you’ll be able to find the spares you need to have them looking like new in no time. 

Key features:

  • Made from 20A durometer rubber on a plastic liner
  • Pattern maximises rider grip
  • With anodised 6061 aluminium collar in shades to match your Wolf Tooth Components
  • 132mm long, 32mm diameter
  • Compatible with standard 22.2mm MTB handlebars
  • Replacement parts available
  • Kit includes two grips, two lock-on clamps and two bar end plugs

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