Fizik Tempo Decos

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Metamorphose your cycling experience with 'Decos', a premium road shoe by the acclaimed brand, Fi'zi:k. Perfectly bred to merge comfort and performance, Decos is a quintessential cycling shoe. Designed for the passionate riders yearning for a sheer road-encounter beyond the criteriums, Decos is an exceptional embodiment of Fi'zi:k's renowned minimalist designs.

Each feature is marked with simplicity, eyeing a seamless road journey. The elite upper incorporated with an enduring polyurethane-laminated material, optimally coupled with a comfy mesh, ensures long-lasting foot support precisely where you need it. Fitted with a swift, fine-tuned single bi-directional BOA Li2 Fit System, Decos offers an efficient fit that is both quick and practical.

The backbone of Decos’s performance is the R2 outsole. Crafted with engineered carbon fibre, it not only reduces weight but considerably enhances stiffness. Rated 10 on the stiffness index, this outsole is the most responsive in Fizik’s collection. Advanced features such as wide vent inlet and deep internal channelling provide regulated cooling airflow, hence keeping your feet spry and vivacious.

The unique cleat positioning is intentionally set slightly backwards compared to conventional designs to amplify pedalling efficiency and alleviate knee compression. This makes Decos particularly suited for aggressive, forward aero positions.

Crafted for versatility and delight, the Decos series is contrived for a gratifying riding adventure on paved roads, extending from the smoothest tarmac to the most challenging pavé.

Buckle up for an unrivalled road journey with Decos, where every thread is woven with the intention of delivering the quintessential biking experience.