SeaSucker 4.5in White

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SeaSucker are known for their innovative and versatile products, but their 4.5in Black Vacuum Mount certainly leads the pack. A perfect addition to your Car Rack Spares, this mount employs vacuum cup technology for unrivalled stability and reliability. It's an ideal solution for securely attaching items to rigid, non-porous surfaces without the need for drilling.

No matter what you are mounting, SeaSucker makes it easier for you, with slotted holes in the top for convenient bolting and a threaded (1/4-20) stainless insert for added flexibility. With the ability to pull up to 120 pounds, the 4.5in SeaSucker vacuum mount performs incredibly under pressure.

Built to withstand, all metal parts are comprised of high-grade stainless steel, ensuring its resistance to both rust and wear. Along with the mount, a protective cap is included, further increasing its lifespan and usability.

This mount isn't just a product, it's a solution. It's a testament to SeaSucker's commitment to continually produce practical and inventive Accessories. Upgrade your cycling equipment today with the SeaSucker 4.5in Black Vacuum Mount, and experience the difference in stability and convenience.