SeaSucker 6in White

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Experience the unparalleled versatility of the SeaSucker's 6in Vacuum Mount VM1002B. Ideal for attaching a range of accessories to a solid, non-porous surface, this handy mount combines robust durability with the reassurance of minimal damage, thanks to its no-drill application.

Whether you're mounting bike racks or heavy-duty rod holders, the 6in SeaSucker Vacuum Mount is designed for maximum capacity, boasting a pulling strength of up to 210 pounds. Its superior construction is yet another advantage, with top slotted holes for secure bolting and a threaded 1/4-20 stainless insert. This focus on design ensures your mount accommodates whatever challenge you can throw at it.

Reliability comes in spades with this mount. All metal components are crafted from high-grade stainless steel, including the resilient springs inside the pump. This ensures superb resistance against the elements and contributes to the mount's long-lasting performance.

With each purchase also comes a protective cap. Experience the stellar convenience and robust reliability of the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount for yourself. It's more than just a product?it's a solution to your mounting needs.