Madison Roam Explorer Saddle Standard Fit

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Find your comfort with the Roam Explorer Saddle by Madison. This standard fit saddle is purpose-designed to suit those riders maintaining a neutral and athletic posture during their commuting or fitness cycling sessions.

Boasting a unisex design, the Roam Explorer is fitted with medium-density foam padding. This open cell structured padding not only enhances the comfort by providing extraordinary support, but it also improves breathability. This makes your cycling experience more enjoyable, helping you to stay focused on the go.

The thoughtful ergonomic central channel design offers your perineal area the much-needed pressure relief, ensuring healthier and longer rides.

Complementing its functionality with a touch of style, the Roam Explorer features a debossed pattern offering a modern appeal. This detailed pattern also enhances your grip, instilling confidence in your ride.

Worried about nasty weather dampening your saddle? Fear not, as the Roam Explorer comes with a vacuum-sealed cover. These covers are resistant to water, ensuring lasting durability and lightness.

Step up your riding game today with the Madison Roam Explorer Saddle. Optimising comfort, support, and style to help you get the best out of your daily rides.

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