SeaSucker Komodo Rack - Blue

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Introducing the 'SeaSucker Komodo', the optimal solution for minimal-space car bike transportation! Designed specifically for vehicles with scarce space such as sports cars and convertibles, the SeaSucker Komodo's small footprint needs only a modest 46cm x 33cm clear space on the roof or boot lid for attachment. Made/engineered from solid aluminium, the compact design of this innovative bike rack allows for straightforward storage, with a pivoting 'tail' feature allowing it to fold up neatly.

This versatile bike rack is ideally suited for road bikes, or those fitted with a quick release fork mount. Note, however, that it is not designed to transport bikes with through axle front wheels. Its innovative design incorporating the use of four vacuum mounts means the Komodo adapts to all manner of surfaces, be they irregular or corrugated.

Installation of the SeaSucker Komodo is a breeze and presents no risk of damaging your vehicle; it is secured optimally using four 152mm Vacuum Mounts delivering an impressive total holding power of 360kg! Setup and disassembly are quick and effortless - no tools required. This compact unit conveniently fits inside your boot when it's not in use. Its vacuum mounts are non-marking and remain unaffected by exposure to UV and the weather. In short, they ensure exceptional grip on glass, metal and fibreglass surfaces.

With the SeaSucker Komodo bike rack, temporarily yet securely mounting your bikes sans the inconvenience of a permanent rack is now a reality. Each Komodo comes equipped with a non-lockable quick release fork mount. Once set, you'll be able to release and secure your bike in mere seconds. When it comes to reliable, efficient, and compact car bike racks, the SeaSucker Komodo clearly leads the pack!