SeaSucker Bomber Rack - 3 Bikes

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Transform your everyday vehicle into an efficient bike transportation system with SeaSucker's Bomber Rack: 3 Bikes. The robustly designed Bomber is SeaSucker's largest and strongest bike rack, capable of securely holding up to three bikes with the aid of five powerful vacuum cups. Each vacuum cup boasts a impressive 210lb pull-strength rating, making it a formidable choice for your transportation needs.

Unlike other car racks, the Bomber employs a fork-mount-style system for superior stability and security. Additionally, it comes furnished with three Rear Wheel Straps for added bicycle support, ensuring your bikes arrive at your destination as secure as they were before the journey began.

Perhaps the biggest game-changer is how hassle-free the Bomber Rack is; it's astoundingly simple to install and even easier to remove, all in a few seconds flat. Plus, you don't have to worry about any potential damage or marks left on your car - it leaves no trace. This ease of use combined with assured security sets SeaSucker's Bomber out from the competition.

To further assist you watch the complete installation process here .

Ride with confidence, choose SeaSucker's Bomber Rack for your next cycling expedition!

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