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Kinesis UK Kinesis - EBike - Rise - PRO - Galactic Blue - L3

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A BIKE TO BE CORNERED, JUMPED, DROPPED AND ENJOYED... AGAIN AND AGAIN. Thanks to the lightweight Fazua drive system, the 'RISE' challenges everything you think you already know about E-mountain bikes. Now with Black Pepper Software Update. Gone are the cumbersome, heavy, unplayful characteristics that typically come to mind, get ready for an electric mountain bike you can manual, pump and properly shred. Choose from three levels of assistance or pedal without any help, just as you would on a non-motorized bike. BREEZE MODE Feel the tailwind and extend your battery runtime. Up to 125W of power. RIVER MODE Add some solid power and sail the trail. Up to 250W of power. ROCKET MODE Rock on! Up to 450W of power. Downtube Cover ¢ 0.4kg. ¢ Cover for the down tube. ¢ Replaces the motor and battery unit. ¢ Conversion in one step. ¢ Storage space. With the Downtube Cover your Fazua powered e-Bike can be converted to a normal bike in seconds. The 0.4kg lightweight cover can be inserted into the down tube instead of the motor/battery unit. The interior can be used as a storage for your bike tour equipment (e.g. for a rain jacket). The 2-in-1 solution is an integral part of Fazua's product philosophy and reduces the total weight of your bicycle by 2.9kg when you dont need the power or want to store the bike without the power pack (roof rack transportation etc). Neoprene Flak Jacket Universal protection designed to fit E-Bikes with Fazua motor system. Velcro attachment. Protects the frame from rock impacts and keeps small particles from getting into the battery compartment on wet rides. In the wintertime the Flak Jacket helps the battery to reach the operating temperature faster and to keep it going longer. The cover is also ideal for covering the down tube when the battery is removed. 1. protection against coldness avoids less capacity during the colder months. 2. protection from the elements. 3. shock-protection, scratch-protection. 4. elegant and smart design. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS It is recommended that the Winter Shield is only be used at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). Use of the Winter Shield at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) may cause the E-Bike battery to overheat. When riding under heavy conditions (e.g. uphill, high load, high speed) regularly check battery temperature. In case of warm or hot battery take off the Winter Shield. Make sure each time before using the bike that the battery is properly locked to the bike mount. Improper locking may lead to loss of battery and increases the risk of injury. Always take off the battery cover when charging the battery.

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