Topeak Tubi 18

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Experience peace of mind while on your cycling adventure with the 'Tubi 18' - an essential tubeless bike tyre repair kit from the reputed brand, Topeak. This compact, easy-to-carry repair kit is every cyclist's dream, offering an all-in-one solution to deal with unexpected punctures or tyre damage.

Take advantage of the minimalist and efficient design of the 'Tubi 18' that houses a collection of essential tools including air-stop, plug tool, reamer, and three pieces of 3.5mm thick tyre repair plugs all contained within a sleek and durable machined alloy tube.

Specially designed to cater to the tubeless bike, the kit provides you with an array of Allen keys in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm sizes. It also houses both a T10 and T25 torx wrench and a Phillips screwdriver, ensuring you have all the necessary elements at your fingertips to tackle any tyre issue on the go.

With the addition of a stainless steel reamer and a serrated knife/saw, your tyre repairs will be quick, effortless and precise. The kit also offers an air-stop with cover and a specially designed compartment for repair plugs - providing both convenience and functionality.

Despite its myriad of provisions, the 'Tubi 18' is astoundingly compact, measuring just 7.6x4.1x1.8cm and weighing 119g - making it an ideal companion for long rides, off-road adventures and everyday cycling commutes.

Give your tubeless bike the care it deserves with the superior 'Tubi 18' repair kit from Topeak. With its comprehensive toolset, compact design and reliable performance, it prepares you to face any tyre fix with confidence and ease.