Orange Seal Sealant With Injector

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The original sealant from Orange Seal. Instantly seals punctures up to 6mm and slices up to 19mm long. Lasts up to 45 days between top-ups and performs down to -11 degrees Celsius. Seals punctures up to 6mm, seals slices up to 19mm, seals tyres with porous sidewalls, works down to -11°C. Lasts on average 30-45 days between top-ups. No corrosive formula. Also great for inner tubes. Available with applicator injector or as a refill bottle. How much sealant do you need?- Road tyres: 1-2oz per tyre- MTB 26": 3oz per tyre- MTB 27.5": 3oz per tyre- MTB 29": 4oz per tyre- Fat Bike: 6-8oz per tyre