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Supacaz: The first cycling shoe with style to match the performance and price tag has arrived. The Supacaz Kazze shoe is an uncompromising fusion of stiffness, ventilation, and style beyond stratosphere. Experience the ultimate high-performance shoe that shatters all technical design boundaries. The state-of-the-art dual BOA® Fit System completes the Kazze with on-point adjustability and elite performance, delivering a fast, effortless, precision fit.TOTAL EFFICIENCYThe HeliumHeel™ increases efficiency throughout the entire pedal stroke. At the core of the Kazze is an unbelievably stiff NASA grade 3K carbon sole that resists flexing and twisting under the highest loads.KEEP IT COOL & DRYThe dual functioning VaporX™ system ventilates air through the shoe and channels moisture out, keeping your feet cool & dry.LOCK IT DOWNDIAL IN TO FAST, EFFORTLESS, PRECISION FIT.The dual BOA® Fit System straps you in for the finishing sprint with unlimited incremental adjustability. Engineered with high quality, durable materials and rigorously field tested, the BOA® Fit System is guaranteed to perform in any environment. Push in to engage, turn for precision fit, pull up for fast release.FeaturesDual BOA® Fit System for a fast, effortless, precision fitVaporX™ Ventilation SystemHeliumHeel™ With Super Stiff 3K Carbon SoleAsymmetrical Tongue: Maximum comfort and ultra secure with no pressure points.Breathable Ergonomic Insole With Anatomic Intelligence (Ai) Technology. R&D that optimizes ergonomics and comfort.Durable Outer Shell MaterialUnisex3 Bolt Road Cleat PatternWeight: 259g (Size 42)