Rapid Racer Products ProGuard BOLT-ON Black / Standard

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The ProGuard Bolt-on from RRP is a premium mudguard that offers exceptional protection from mud and spray. Unlike other mudguards, it does not require zip ties or velcro straps to secure it in place, giving it a sleek factory look.Designed for enduro or downhill racers, as well as weekend warriors, this mudguard maximizes tyre clearance and reduces mud clogging. It comes in two sizes: the Standard size offers high levels of protection, while the Mini size provides good protection in a more discreet design.Installation and removal are easy, with no need for zip ties or velcro straps. The mudguard also offers height adjustability of 6mm and angle adjustability for a better fit, thanks to the two tilt brackets supplied. Thick rubber pads on the sides protect your forks from scratches.With a matte textured finish and gloss highlights, the ProGuard Bolt-on has a stylish look. It also features a sticker recess for easy fit and sticker protection.The mudguard has a long front to shield you from high-speed mud and spray, as well as a smaller turn down at the front for better tyre clearance and reduced mud blockages. The long rear with a flick design offers additional protection, especially during cornering. The seal shield increases protection and extends fork service intervals.Made with RRP's unique polypropylene mix, the ProGuard Bolt-on is flexible, durable, and strong. It weighs 130g for the Standard size and 104g for the Mini size.Compatibility:- FOX: Compatible with FOX 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40(a) forks from 2016 to 2021. For 2022 FOX 34 and 36 forks, a Stability Bracket is needed.- MARZOCCHI: Compatible with new MARZOCCHI forks with a FOX chassis version. Z2 forks may not come with threaded holes.- ROCKSHOX: Compatible with ROCKSHOX 35, Recon, and Paragon forks from 2021. For SR Suntour M6 centre bolt forks, use the SR Suntour M6 centre bolt.- OHLINS: Compatible with OHLINS RXF34, RXF36, and DH38 forks from 2019 or older. For DH 38 forks, a Stability Bracket is needed.- SR SUNTOUR: Compatible with SR SUNTOUR forks from 2019 or older. For forks with an unthreaded straight-through hole in the centre of the fork brace, the SLEEVE PACK is needed.- DVO: Compatible with DVO D1 Diamond Boost and D1 ONYX Boost SC forks from 2021. Custom bolt/washer and adapter bracket are needed for these forks.Note: If the title contains a part number or color (Black), please ensure it is not mentioned in the text.