Cane Creek DBairCS

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Cane Creek DBairCS

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Climbing has evolved. The DBair CS takes the DBair the world has come to love and adds a selectable climbing mode to specifically address the demands of ascending on the bike. However CS is not your conventional pedal-platform as it adjusts both Low Speed Compression (LSC) and Low Speed Rebound (LSR). By selectively tuning both compression and extension phases when climbing, the shock maintains better traction and control while enhancing pedaling efficiency through the shock’s entire travel. 


Weight: 509g (weight varies by size)

Damping: Twin-tube independent compression and rebound

4-way independent damping adjustment;

  • Air spring rate
  • High speed compression
  • Low speed compression
  • High speed rebound
  • Low speed rebound
Mounting Interface: Norglide® bushing 1/2" Universal Axle

Finish: Anodized and laser-etched

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Note - Pricing is for damper only. Hardware and spring supplied separately.