Finish Line Halo Wax Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle and Smart Luber

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Experience Ultimate Bicycle Performance
This exceptional Halo Wax Lubricant is brought to you by the scientists at Finish Line®, renowned for innovation in bicycle lubrication since 1988. Our top-of-the-range product, the Halo Wax chain lubricant, has been meticulously designed to enhance drivetrain performance while simultaneously minimising friction and component wear.

Benefit from a longer re-lubrication interval as our Halo Wax creates an impenetrable barrier against destructive contaminants. Shine in harsh and dirty conditions where maximum cleanliness of the chain is paramount. Our special liquid formula applies wet, then dries to form a sturdy, dry-to-the-touch wax coating, offering unparalleled protection.

Invest in your cycling experience with our hassle-free Smart Luber?, an innovative applicator included with your Halo Wax bottle. This game-changing feature ensures each link receives the ideal lubrication, avoiding mess, reducing wastage and saving time.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimum cleanliness and reduced friction for your chain
  • Enhanced drivetrain efficiency
  • Extended component life through minimal wear
  • Resistance to extreme pressure for increased power
  • Extended periods between re-lubrication
  • Decreased chain vibration and noise

Our performance-enriching ingredients are as follows:

  • Highly Refined Paraffin: Generates a robust, dry coating that repels water and friction-enhancing contaminants, helping to maintain a sleek and stain-free chain
  • Spherical Tungsten: Reduces vibrational friction courtesy of its unique hollow core, its micron-sized particles providing a 'rolling effect' to further mitigate friction
  • Ceramic: Boron nitride platelets cloak the chain with a non-stick coating, synergising with the spherical tungsten to significantly reduce wear and extend the lifespan of your components

How to Apply:
Ensure your chain is clean and dry. Vigorously shake the Halo Wax bottle, apply to the chain, and let it dry completely (6-12 hours). For ultimate performance and lengthy intervals between re-lubrication, apply a second coat. After wet rides, ensure to dry the chain before re-applying. The lubricant should be above 50°F/10°C when applied.