Finish Line Halo Wet Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle and Smart Luber

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Experience a smoother ride like never before with the Finish Line's HALO Wet Lubricant 4oz/120ml Bottle and Smart Luber. Pioneers in the field of bicycle care, Finish Line introduces a revolutionary technology designed for absolute performance and superior longevity of your bike's drivetrain.

Developed over 3 years, the HALO range represents the pinnacle of tribological techniques aimed at minimising drivetrain friction and mechanical wear. Featuring the advanced HALO WAX, HALO HOT WAX, and HALO WET Lubricants, the product harnesses state-of-the-art chemistries for unmatched results.

At the heart of the HALO WET Lubricant technology are three powerful elements:

GAS-TO-LIQUID - Derived from natural gas, this element is a hydrodynamic fluid that effectively reduces drivetrain noise, minimises friction, repels water, and maintains the lubricant's viscosity in varied temperatures.
SPHERICAL TUNGSTEN - Utilising a unique hollow core, Spherical Tungsten is designed to lessen vibration related friction caused by rigorous pedalling. It provides an additional layer of friction reduction by creating a rolling effect on the chain surface.
CERAMIC PARTICLES - These micro-sized boron nitride platelets form a protective and non-stick coating on the chain, significantly reducing wear and tear, thus extending the life span of your expensive drivetrain components.

Choose from the HALO range options:

  • WAX lubricant for superior cleanliness
  • WET lubricant for optimal durability and formidable water resistance
  • HOT WAX lubricant for ultimate chain lubrication under all conditions

Maximise your performance while ensuring the longevity of your bike's drivetrain with Finish Line's HALO Wet Lubricant.