Schwalbe Natural Bike Soap Kit

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If you're a cycling enthusiast who cares about maintaining your bike and the environment simultaneously, then the Schwalbe Natural Soap Bike Kit is your perfect match. Vegan, microplastic-free and exclusively made from natural ingredients in Germany, this biodegradable soap ensures a high-performance cleaning effect without causing harm to our planet.

What makes our soap a boon for bike cleaning? The secret lies in its impressive capability to produce high foam that envelops dirt and grime in no time. With exceptional cleaning and degreasing properties, it ensures no scratches or blisters are left on your cherished bicycle post-cleaning. Tyres to coatings, handlebars to the saddle - it works its magic fearlessly as its composition is friendly to various material types.

Using the Schwalbe Natural Soap Bike Kit is a breeze. Begin by rinsing your bicycle with water to get rid of coarse dirt. Next, soak a brush or sponge in our soap for a foamy layer and apply on your bike. Rinse and repeat the foaming one to two more times, followed by a final wash with water. Once done, place the soap bar back in the alu-box provided, until next use.

This cleaning kit not only aids in keeping your bike looking slick and running smoothly, it also helps you contribute to environmental sustainability in an effortless way. Keep your cycling gear in tip-top shape with the Schwalbe Natural Soap Bike Kit, your trusted companion in bike maintenance!