Zefal Z Bike Mount

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The 'Zefal Z Bike Mount' is a phenomenal device, purpose-built for bikers to secure their smartphones safely onto their bikes. This innovative accessory enables you to stay seamlessly connected even while you're en route, making it a must-have addition for avid cyclists.

Much more than an ordinary bike phone holder, 'Zefal Z Bike Mount' features a quick-lock system that lets you install your device with one click. Its compatibility with the Z Console smartphone cases (not included), makes it even more practical and versatile.

With the O-rings, the 'Zefal Z Bike Mount' can be effortlessly mounted onto your bike's stem, while ensuring steadfast grip even on rugged terrains. Its ingenious design allows easy adjustment into either portrait or landscape mode, to suit your view preference while steering.

Would you believe this sturdy structure weighs a mere 23g? Yes, it's incredibly lightweight, so it doesn't add any extra pressure to your ride. Not just that, its thermoplastic composition lends it a robust durability that you can rely on.

So, lighten your load and let 'Zefal Z Bike Mount' handle your smartphone woes while you enjoy your ride!

Bullet Points:
  • Patented, innovative system for easy, one-click installation
  • Comes with a removable design, facilitated by O-Rings
  • Remarkably lightweight, discreet, and unobtrusive
  • Features rotating support for adjustable viewing angles (portrait or landscape)
  • Made from sturdy and durable thermoplastic material