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Get ready to explore with the ingenious Zefal Smartphone Holder. Perfect for every cycling enthusiast who values convenience and safety, this nifty product ensures that your Apple iPhone 12 is securely fastened and immediately accessible during your bike rides.

Easily attachable to your bike's stem or handlebars, the Zefal Smartphone Holder allows you to record your ride data, navigate your path, and screen your calls and messages with great ease. The phone case is incredibly resilient, providing excellent protection against impacts. The adjustable angle feature gives you the flexibility to switch between portrait or landscape mode swiftly.

The bike mount, a part of this kit, is crafted from durable thermoplastic and can be adjusted for a dia. of 20-45mm. Coated with a comfortable touch screen layer, you will not believe the convenience your biking expeditions will offer now.

  • Impressive resilience with flexible overmoulding
  • 360° adjustable angle for switching between landscape or portrait mode
  • Quick and one-handed installation
  • Touch screen casing
  • Substantial bike mount, adjustable for dia. 20-45mm
  • Inclusive of a Zefal Bicycle mount

Product Highlights

  • Exemplary value for money
  • Trendy design
  • Safe and secure for your smartphone
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Diversified attachment methods
  • Compatibility with all Z Console mounts and accessories
  • An everyday case to protect your phone

Use Case

  • Safe and convenient access to your phone while biking
  • Screen your calls and messages without interruptions
  • Efficient navigation to your desired destination
  • Easily track your speed and distance on your favourite apps
  • Ideal for biking, running, vehicle use, and more

With the Zefal Smartphone Holder, you can carry your world along on every cycling adventure. Experience the ultimate fusion of safety, convenience, and style as you ride along!

Zefal Z Console for Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12

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