Wera Tools Safe-Torque A 1 Wrench 2-12 Nm 1/4 Squ Drive

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Tool specialist Wera presents the Safe-torque A 1 wrench with 1/4" square head drive. The torque wrench with the slide-over mechanism. The Safe Torque wrench automatically disengages as soon as you reach the required torque level, making it **impossible** to over or under-torque the bolt, **unlike all other torque wrenches**. This wrench has a setting range of 2 to 12Nm, for controlled clockwise and counterclockwise torque operation. With a return angle of just 5 degrees, it allows the ratchet to be used even in confined spaces and therefore with angles of rotation.* The fine toothing with 72 teeth allows for a low return of 5 degrees.* 1/4" square head drive with socket locking* Equipped with a slide-over mechanism. Once the set torque has the reached value, the tool cannot be overtightened.* The torque function can be deactivated. The safe-torque can also be used as a standard ratchet for applications with defined angles of rotation.* Easy setting and saving of the required torque with audible clicks upon reaching the desired value. * The ball lock ensures secure seating of the sockets and accessories so meaning it's reliable during screwdriving**Technical Specification:** * Size: 290x50x50mm* Weight: 553g

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