Wera Tools Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 2

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Wera's Impaktor rechnology offers a great service life even under the most extenuating circumstances thanks to the use of select materials and the optimised geometry which makes them perfectly suitable for use with custom impact drivers. The rough diamond-coating of the bits reduces the risk of slipping out of the screw-head thanks to the enhanced friction resistance. The profile and size of the bits are easy to recognise thanks to the Wera Take-It-Easy Tool Finder system using colour coding and clearly visible implant.The multi-component screams quality due to its low weight but sturdy and strong design. In the bit holder, the soft material in the lower section ensures that the bits are securely held whilst being simple and easy to remove at the same time.* Rough Diamond Coating to reduce slipping* Take it easy tool finder with colour coding according to sizes* Wear-resistant material for enhanced durability**Set Includes*** 897/4 Impaktor - 1x 1/4x75* 851/1 IMP DC - 2x PZ 1x25; 3x PZ 2x25; 2x PZ 3x25* 867/1 IMP DC - 1x TX 10x25; 1x TX 15x25; 2x TX 20x25; 3x TX 25x25; 2x TX 30x25; 2x TX 40x25* 840/1 IMP DC - 1x 3,0x25; 1x 4,0x25; 1x 5,0x25; 1x 6,0x25