Cyclus Tools Universal Ball Bearing Extractor Set

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Universal Bearing Extractor SetThis set is for the easy extraction of bearings from all kinds of housings, for example from frames or hubs, from 6mm to 30mm. The advantage of this tool is that you do not need to counter press on the housing, therefore avoiding any possible damage.* Art Nr: 7202900* EAN: 8590831249683**What's in the Box?*** Universal ball bearing extractor (code:7202950)* Exchange weight for slide hammer - 1400g (code: 7202952)* Slide hammer 700g (code: 7202951)* Tool caseBall Bearing Extractor Adaptors (Included):* 6mm (code:7202910)* 8mm (code:7202911)* 10mm (code:7202912)* 12mm (code:7202913)* 15mm (code:7202914)* 17mm (code:7202915)* 19mm (code:7202916)* 20mm (code:7202917)* 22mm (code:7202918)* 24mm (code:7202919)* 25mm (code:7202920)* 30mm (code:7202921)

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