Pinhead Locks Tagbox

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The TagBox system is the final piece of bike security you need when using the Pinhead system. Wrapping around your seatpost, the Tagbox is made of rugged impact resistant composite material to avoid being broken or smashed into, so when paired with the Pinhead seatpost lock and seat clamp lock, it's impossible to remove without the necessary Pinhead key. The TagBox allows you to safely and securely fit either an Apple AirTag or a Samsung SmartTag (Not included) into the TagBox which, when paired up to your relevant phone creates a tracking device for your bikeUnlike traditional locks, with Pinhead you can now protect specific components on your bike from theft. The unique Pinhead key system means that, unlike competitor locks of this type, they cannot be removed with a simple screwdriver.Once installed, the quick release wheel locks and seatpost lock remain permanently on your bike, even when you ride. When you need to remove components for adjustments and servicing, your Pinhead key lets you do this quickly and easily. The Convex technology on Pinhead locks protects them from removal by hammer, pliers, picks, universal socket tools, grinders and bolt cutters.Pinhead locks use a special coded key that comes with each lockset. The key is ergonomically engineered to install and tighten your locks, and also serves as a bottle opener. Each key is different, and comes engraved with a nine-digit code so it can be replaced if lost. With your key code, matching locks can be ordered to protect your other components or other bikes.Make sure to register your key code at so that if you key is lost, a replacement key can be made for you.