Knipex High Leverage Pliers

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High Leverage Combination PliersThese high leverage combination or Linesman pliers are unique in the way that they require 35% less effort to operate than standard combination pliers. the strong cutting edges have a hardness 60 to 63 HRC make them suitable for heavy duty applications. The extra leverage makes for easier cutting, powerful gripping, bending and pulling.KP0010B - 0301180 - 180mm with dipped handlesKP0010A - 0201200 - 200mm with dipped handlesKP0011B - 0302180 - 180mm with Multi Grip handlesKP0011A - 0205200 - 200mm with Multi Grip handles* 35% less effort required than with conventional combination pliers* With cutting edges (hardness approx. (180) 60 HRC, (200) 63 HRC) for heavy duty* Easier work due to optimised leverage* Easier cutting, powerful gripping, bending and pulling* Long cutting edges for thicker cables* With gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use* Precise, minimal light gap between the gripping jaws to ensure optimal function of the cutting edges* Cutting edges additionally induction hardened* High grade special tool steel, forged, multistage oil hardened**Technical Attributes*** Article No: KP0010B - 03 01 180, KP0010A - 02 01 200, KP0011B - 03 02 180, KP0011A - 02 05 200* EAN: KP0010B - 4003773013242, KP0010A - 4003773039679, KP0011B - 4003773023197, KP0011A - 4003773043089* Pliers: Black atramentized* Head: Polished* Handles: Plastic coated* Dimensions: KP0010B - 180x47x11mm, KP0010A - 200x51x15mm, KP0011B - 180x54x21mm, KP0011A - 200x56x20mm* Standard: DIN ISO 5746* REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC* RoHS compliant: not applicable* Cutting capacity, hard wire: (180) 2.2mm, (200) 2.8mm* Cutting capacity, piano wire: (180) N/A, (200) 2.2mm* Cutting capacity, copper cable, multi strand (180) 12.0mm, (200) 13.0mm* Cutting capacity, copper cable, multi strand (180) 16.0mm, (200) 25.0mm squared* Weight: KP0010B - 216g, KP0010A -298g, KP0011B - 254g, KP0011A - 342g