Wera Tools Screwdriver 900 Set 1 19pc

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Tool specialist Wera presents Kraftform Kompakt 900 Set 1, 19 pieces. The impact screwdriver 921 combines the advantages of manual impact wrenches, compact tools and screwdrivers with a pound-thru blade. The impact wrench function offers a loosening movement of up to 25 Nm. The robust bit holder allows the mounting of different specialised bits for various screw profiles. The pound-thru blade ensures complete power transmission. The impact wrench function and screwdriver function can be switched as required so there's no hassle. * Compact and robust interchangeable blade screwdriver set with manually activatable impact wrench function* Hammer blow impulse is converted into a rotary with a loosening torque of approx 25Nm* Reversible functions: Impact wrench and screwdrivers* The manual impact wrench function can be switched on if needed to loosen even stubborn screw connections* **All Wera tools come with a lifetime guarantee** **Set includes:*** 1x 921 Kraftform Plus impact screwdriver (1/4" x 163.5mm)* 3x 851 S Phillips bits for impact screwdrivers (1x PH 1x70mm,1x PH 2x70mm, 1x PH 3x70mm)* 3x 855 S Pozidriv bits for impact screwdrivers (1x PZ 1 x70mm, 1x PZ 2x70mm, 1x PZ 3x70mm)* 5x 867 S Torx bits for impact screwdrivers (1x TX 15x70mm, 1x TX 20x70mm, 1x TX25x70mm, 1x TX30x70mm, TX 40x70mm)* 840 S Hex-Plus bits for impact screwdrivers (1x 3x70mm, 1x 4x70mm, 1x 5x70mm, 1x 6x70mm)* 800 S Slotted bits for impact screwdrivers (1x 0.8x4x70mm, 1x5.5x70mm, 1.2x6.5.70mm)* Hook and Loop fastener strip (1x 120x50mm)Technical Specification: * Size: 195x85x65mm * Weight: 748g