Specialized Flux„¢ 900 Headlight

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Illuminate your path and enhance your visibility with the Specialized Flux™ 900 Headlight.

This premium bike headlight employs two high-performing LEDs under dedicated optics, masterfully designed to provide an optimised beam of light. In the real world, this means you won't be left in the dark - this headlight lets you see both far-reaching distances and wide expanses with ease.

At Specialized, we know cycling is not confined to daylight hours. It's this understanding that drives our passion to create products that ensure a safe and enjoyable cycling experience at any time of the day. With the Flux™ 900 Headlight, we offer riders exceptional brightness, affording you full visibility whenever you need it most.

Perfect for urban commuting, off-road adventures, or late-night countryside rides, this bike headlight ticks all the boxes. Its high output ensures you'll be easily spotted by road users from all directions, while the broad beam helps to highlight potential obstacles along your way. Simply put, this robust headlight is a must-have for cyclists looking to maximise their safety without sacrificing on performance.

Choose safety. Choose performance. Choose the Specialized Flux™ 900 Headlight.

The security of night rides, now at your fingertips.

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