Profile Design DRVSIZER Bar Bike fitting Tool

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  • Our new DRV/sizer bar has been created to aid fitters in setting up their clients correctly
  • The bar allows the width to be changed with just the flip of a quick release, additionally the shape of the bar can be changed by swapping in one of the other DRV sizes
  • You can now offer your client the ability to trial different handlebar widths and bar drop options in just seconds, rather than the laborious process of swapping out a complete bar
  • Ideal for fit bikes, it can also be used on the riders current bike to experiment with position
  • With the success of our industry leading DRV sizing we wanted to make it easy to choose the best one of the nine available sizes
  • Of course, allowing the rider to trial the DRV bars will also help you sell the bars as upgrades after the fit
  • Any fitter or store who wishes to be able to quickly trial different bar sizes and shapes in order to provide a better fit service to their customers will suit this product
  • Minimum bar signup applies to get this Sizer bar Free of Charge - see your Madison Agent for details

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