Shimano CUES FDU4000D CUES double front derailleur 910speed direct mount side swing

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Delve into the world of precision cycling with our 'FDU4000M CUES Double Front Derailleur 910speed Mid Clamp Side Swing' by Shimano CUES. With its unmatched functionality, this derailleur promises to revolutionise your biking experience.

Designed for mid-grade riding styles, our CUES range offers a seamless blend of compatibility, versatility and unparalleled durability. Its sturdy construction is equipped with LINKGLIDE technology that showcases impressive resilience, soaring up to 300% more durable than the standard Hyperglide drivetrain. Alongside durability, LINKGLIDE ensures you enjoy a smooth shifting experience every time you venture out.

Our double front Derailleur leverages a side swing, front pull design that mitigates tyre clearance issues and significantly reduces cable friction. Carved out, especially for contemporary bikes, our Shimano side swing front derailleurs augment tyre clearance. The innovative cable routing adds to the lightness of shifting action.

The broad pivot link design in this CUES derailleur introduces greater torsional rigidity that inevitably boosts shifting response and extends service life. The derailleur is compatible with double 40-26/36-22 tooth chainring and syncs seamlessly with 10/9-speed LINKGLIDE drivetrains.

For bike designs boasting a 64-69 degree chainstay to seat tube angle, the multi fi mid clamp mount frame fit will be a perfect match. When it comes to configuring your CUES groupset, our easy-to-use chart is just a click away. Fill in the bike type and speeds required, and pick the components you need. Click Here to get started.

Discover more about the FDU4000M CUES. We have a brief introduction video that illustrates all its incredible features. Just click play and soak up the information!