Shimano CUES FDU6010L CUES double front derailleur 1011speed low clamp top swing

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Take your cycling to the next level with the Shimano CUES Double Front Derailleur 10/11 Speed Low Clamp Top Swing. This feature-packed derailleur has been specially engineered to provide smooth, precise, and reliable gear shifting, making it a game-changer for mid-grade riding enthusiasts.

The product is part of the highly reputed CUES range of components designed with simplicity, versatility, and durability. It is famed for its LINKGLIDE technology which offers superior robustness – up to a remarkable 300% more durable than current Hyperglide drivetrains. This ensures that your ride remains smoothly-shifted, thereby enhancing your cycling experience.

The top swing, low clamp design of the derailleur contributes to efficient, reliable shifting. Its multi fi low clamp mount frame fit enables compatibility with a host of bike models. Plus, it's designed specifically for bike designs with a 63-68 degree chainstay to seat tube angle – offering a wide range of options for cyclists.

This double front derailleur is designed for use with a double 46-32/46-30/40-26 tooth chainring, capable of fitting seamlessly into 11/10-speed LINKGLIDE drivetrains. It also features a chainline measurement of 48.8mm, ensuring a perfect fit.

Need help configuring your CUES groupset? No worries, we've got you covered. Simply use our easy-to-use chart - just fill in the bike type and speeds required, then pick the components required. The configurator is available at this link.

For more insights about the CUES range, do watch the video below:

In conclusion, the Shimano CUES Double Front Derailleur 10/11 Speed Low Clamp Top Swing is an excellent addition to your biking gears and accessories. Its outstanding combination of durability, versatility, and simplicity makes it a preferred choice among cycling enthusiasts.