Passport Wicker D-Baskets Natural wicker baskets with leather straps

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"Wicker D-BasketsNatural wicker basketswith leather straps"


Attractive D-shaped traditional wicker bicycle baskets in medium size (15”) or Large size (18”).

Hand woven natural, full cane wicker bicycle baskets have been popular for load carrying for over 100 years.  Quaint styling and immensely practical, these classics of the urban bicycle world are ideal for carrying bagged items, and can even handle loose items, as the close woven knit prevents items dropping through the weave (unlike many of the wire type baskets).

The natural material is weather resistant and, being woven, will allow water to easily drain.

Front mounting allows security observation of the contents.   


  • Structurally superior full cane wicker (not split cane).
  • Handmade and ethically sourced.
  • Sustainable natural material, eco-friendly.
  • Lightweight, yet structurally solid.
  • Durable in all climates and weather conditions
  • The weathering effect over time is part of the charm of a natural product. (Will not rust or become easily bent or misshapen unlike wire)
  • The close woven knit structure prevents narrow objects dropping out of the basket (unlike large hole wire type baskets)
  • Supplied with natural leather straps.