Dia-Compe DC 138 Hand Rests

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Improve your cycling experience with Dia-Compe's DC 138 Hand Rests. Tailored for those who prefer to ride without brakes but still seek the comfort of resting their hands on the drops, these hand rests give you that perfect spot.

Engineered to provide stability and comfort on long rides, these hand rests seamlessly add a 'hoods' position to stoker handlebars. Designed for the serious cyclist, they ensure a secure grip and optimal command over your bike.

Accommodating both 22.2mm and 23.8mm handlebars, the DC 138 Hand Rests promise compatibility with a wide variety of bikes. Investing in these hand rests means investing in your riding comfort.

Take control of your ride today. Upgrade your handlebars with Dia-Compe's DC 138 Hand Rests.