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Experience the ultimate comfort and durability with the BIOAKTIVE TREKKING OPEN BIOFOAM saddle from the renowned brand, Selle San Marco. Tailored for those who thrive on cycling in their leisure time, the saddle extends an ideal choice for both city rides and long-distance trekking.

This bike saddle boasts a biodynamic structure that ensures a significant reduction in weight, while promising robust durability. The intricate structure seamlessly adapts to the movements of the pelvis whilst pedaling, thereby reducing the saddle weight and maximizing comfort.

Relish in the unique open system, a design mastered through extensive clinical tests and ongoing anatomical research. This distinctive feature is a gradual opening in the saddle that ensures absolute comfort and relief in the perineal area.

Open Biofoam padding, a lightweight memory foam with exceptional resilience, makes an excellent aspect of this saddle. Not only does it comply with the pelvis movements during pedaling, but it also ensures a water-repellent surface thanks to its "closed cell" structural design.

With the coverage in black matt Silkfeel and its rail designed from a Steel/Carbon blend, the saddle provides a sleek yet robust body. Depending on your requirements, you can find the saddle on "LARGE" for shorter, infrequent trips and "SMALL" for longer routes and frequent use. Make your selection based on your riding style and relish in the comfort designed for you.

Producing hand-crafted bicycle saddles since 1935, Selle San Marco combines premium materials, elevating technology, and dedicated features to make each Bioaktive saddle unique. Simplify your search for the perfect saddle and experience the distinct journey of riding with the BIOAKTIVE TREKKING OPEN BIOFOAM saddle today.