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Stolen Goat Womens kiko bodyline bib tights

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STOLEN GOAT WOMENS BLACK KIKO BODYLINE BIB TIGHTS // COMFORT FIT “ CHANGEABLE CONDITIONS How does Goldilocks like her porridge? Not too hot, not too cold, definitely not lumpy¦ its got to be just right. And when it comes to ready for anything bib tights, the Stolen Goat Kiko Bodyline bib tights are the Goldilocks of the cycling world! Here to keep you warm, but not too warm. Dry, but not boil in the bag. And with an upgraded premium chamois pad to keep you comfortable, no matter how lumpy the roads might be. Our Kiko bib tights are perfect for those ˜three seasons in one day autumn rides, offering superb performance across a range of cooler temperatures. Made from high-performing Tempest fabric, these tights protect you against the wind and rain while remaining comfortable and breathable. A super soft Roubaix lining keeps you cosy, while the Thermodream bib vest acts like a built in base layer for extra protection. Youve got protection from the elements. But what about protection for your hindquarters? Weve got you covered, with the upgraded Vapour pad. Developed in Belgium with input from pro riders, this pad offers maximum support right where you need it. Clever layering reduces friction, improves airflow and offers great damping and breathability. So you can get in the optimal position on the saddle for power transfer and stability “ without a bulky pad getting in your way. Add in clever reflective detailing at the knees and foot straps to keep nippy ankles at bay, and these tights give you everything you need to ride out with confidence on cooler autumn days.

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