Fizik Aliante R3

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Now available in two widths, 142mm and 152mm, the Aliante R3 by Fi'zi:k provides the perfect fit for riders of all sizes. Utilize the Spine Concept Evo system to find your ideal fit. The Aliante is one of Fi'zi:k's three Spine Concept Men's Road Saddle shapes, with the Aliante shape being the widest and most longitudinally waved. The Aliante R3 features a composite carbon shell with a co-injected nylon Twin Flex "sweet spot" at the center, combined with a Fi'zi:k kium rail. Fi'zi:k introduced the first Aliante in 1999, and since then it has become one of the most popular and beloved saddles in the world among both professionals and enthusiasts alike. In 2014, Fi'zi:k unveiled a new sleek profile for the Aliante, featuring a TWIN FLEX Carbon shell that offers outstanding comfort and a lightweight design. The Aliante R3 is designed for riders with a rigid spine, known as "The Bull." If your spinal flexibility is relatively low, you will benefit from the increased curvature and support provided by the Aliante shape. The shell of the saddle is made of composite carbon with a co-injected nylon Twin Flex "sweet spot" at the center. The cover is made of thermo-welded microtex, available in black/anthracite for the regular size and black/black for the large size. The saddle also features fi'zi:k kium rails, which are specially designed alloy rails that offer both stiffness and lightness. Scuff guards are included on both sides towards the rear of the saddle for added durability. The saddle has an integrated clip system and measures 265mm in length. The regular size has a width of 142mm and weighs 215g, while the large size has a width of 152mm and weighs 220g. Please note that the regular 142mm saddle is anthracite/black in color, not black/black.