Serfas E-Gel Cutout Cruiser Saddle

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The E-Gel Cutout Cruiser Saddle from Serfas is a high-quality bike saddle designed for maximum comfort and support. This saddle is equipped with a cutout base that provides relief for sensitive soft tissues, ensuring a more comfortable ride. The dual density base and deep groove design further enhance comfort by providing extra cushioning and reducing pressure points. The elastomer rear suspension absorbs shock and adds to the overall comfort of the saddle.

The E-Gel Cutout Cruiser Saddle features friction-free gel rails made of steel, ensuring smooth and seamless movement. The waterproof Soflex cover keeps the saddle dry and protects it from the elements. With a length of 275mm and a width of 213mm, this saddle is designed to fit most bike types and sizes.

Weighing in at 804 grams, the E-Gel Cutout Cruiser Saddle is lightweight yet durable. Whether you're commuting, touring, or cycling for leisure, this saddle is a great addition to your bike. Invest in the Serfas E-Gel Cutout Cruiser Saddle for a comfortable and enjoyable biking experience.