Profile Design Hydration System Aero HC


Enhance your cycling experience with the 'Hydration System Aero HC' by Profile Design. This aerodynamically designed, refillable bottle is mounted to position strategically between the rider's arms for a hidden, sleek profile. With an integrated computer mount, your electronics are positioned efficiently and protected from wind resistance.

  • Easy to Use: This hydration system is designed for on-the-go ease and convenience. A flip-top cap makes refilling simple, while the unscrewable bottle assures easy cleaning.
  • Adjustability: Suiting a ride of almost any size, the mounting bracket adjusts to fit handlebars 85mm - 120mm wide apart (centre to centre).
  • GPS Optimised: The computer mount is located at the rear of the system to minimise wind resistance. Your ride tech never had a better home.
  • Safe and Secure Material: Profile Design ensures your health is a priority, offering a BPA-free, food-safe HDPE Bottle for your hydration needs.
  • Capacity and Weight: With a generous 710ml capacity and lightweight at just 248g, this hydration system will not overburden your ride.

With the 'Hydration System Aero HC', you'll not just be cycling - you'll be riding with style, convenience, and a competitive edge.