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Silca Ultimate Bike Wash 16oz

Silca Ultimate Bike Wash 16oz

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The Silca Ultimate Bike Wash is the second part of Silca's one-stop-shop to protect your investment, the Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system. Vivid orange in colour, this cherry scented bubble bath should be mixed with warm water, using 45ml of concentrate in a full bucket of water.

Spray hose it on for the best foam, then use a sponge or brush to hand wash your saddle, handlebars, fork, frame and remove debris that could enter your wheel or tyre, to prevent punctures. Wonderfully gentle, the wash will prise dirt, mud and grime from every painted surface of the frame, encapsulating it so that it won't leave micro scratches, swirl marks or a film as you rinse the surfactant off. Once rinsed, leave your bike to air dry.

Best used as part of the Bicycle Spa set, this high foaming, biodegradable wash will leave your frame and any other painted components with a clean, streak-free finish that you can be proud of.

Key features:

  • The second part of the Silca Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system
  • With cherry scent
  • Removes dirt, mud and grime from your frame
  • Debris is lifted and encapsulated, so it won't scratch your paintwork
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Comes in a 16oz bottle
  • 12 bottles in a case

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