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Praxis Works Praxis - BB M30 - ROAD 68mm BB30/PF30 - R- Collet

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Praxis M30 Press Fit bottom brackets are designed to be a proper bottom bracket (BB) for installing Turn M30 spindle based cranks in either; ¢ BB30, ¢ PF30, ¢ BB86, ¢ BB92 ¢ Specializeds OSBB frames. Our patent pending design keeps the cartridge bearings outboard of the frame right on Shimano spec for greater rigidity and free of frame/c-clip tolerance issues that other systems deal with. Simply press in the longer non-drive-cup, then the shorter drive cup threads into it. As the drive cup threads in, our trademark Collet system expands to a precise limit evenly dispersing pressure for a super tight fit. With both cups connected and our collet set exactly to spec, there is no chance the bearings can come out of alignment or wiggle/walk out of the frame. This design also uses a compressible o-ring on the non-drive side cup to compensate for frame shell width discrepancies.

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