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Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Allpine Extra 500ml Eco Chain Degreaser

Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Allpine Extra 500ml Eco Chain Degreaser

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With its pine oil content, Allpine Extra is a powerful yet biodegradable degreaser. It has been developed with pine oil, a natural solvent, to have low ecological impact yet to be highly effective. To deep clean a chain it is recommended to remove it from the bike and immerse in Allpine Extra for a few minutes. Then scrub the chain with a firm brush (Effetto Cog Brush recommended). Alternatively leave the chain on the bike and use a chain cleaning tool (Effetto Mangiacatena). Rinse the chain with water to flush away the dissolved oil and dirt. Dry the chain before applying fresh lubricant (Effetto Flowerpower Wax recommended). Allpine Extra also cleans disc brake rotors. Remove wheels from bike before cleaning rotors. Apply to a cloth and then wet both disc surfaces. Allow the degreaser to act for a few minutes then rinse with water and dry discs with a clean rag.

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