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Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Allpine Light 1000ml Recharge

Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Allpine Light 1000ml Recharge

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A recharge bottle for use with the trigger spray you got on your first Allpine Light cleaner. With its intense pine scent, Allpine Light is a biodegradable cleaner that will leave your bike clean and shiny. Its natural formula is very effective against dirt. For a light clean just spray on and wipe away with a dry clean cloth. Not using extra water is efficient and kind on e-bikes with sensitive electronics. A light clean will not remove chain lubricant. For heavier dirt, spray on generously and leave for a few minutes. Allpine Light will break down the dirt naturally. Rinse off with water using a brush or sponge.

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