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Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Flowerpower Wax 100ml Chain Lube

Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Flowerpower Wax 100ml Chain Lube

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Flowerpower is a performance wax-based lubricant using natural ingredients including a high sunflower seed wax content. It is an efficient way to lubricate bicycle chains yet harmless to the environment with its formula avoiding any fluorinated compounds (PFAS), graphene or sulphides. After treatment with Flowerpower lube, the chain will run quietly and more efficiently, giving more power to the rider. It will not attract dirt like oil-based lubes so the life of the chain is extended. Flowerpower is a wax emulsion based in water, not alcohol. It has a high wax-to-water ratio exceeding 50%. Applied to a clean chain Flowerpower penetrates and coats the chain with a thick layer of wax which anchors to the metal as the water base evaporates. This leaves a long-lasting wax coating that is resistant to pedalling stresses and water from rain or the trail/road. It is recommended that about 4ml of Flowerpower lube is used on a clean chain. This will last approximately 300km in dry riding road conditions or 7,500km per 100ml bottle. Off-road or use in heavy rains are likely to require more frequent applications.

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