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Kinesis UK Kinesis - Bar Tape - Signature - Jo Burt


Experience the unrivalled comfort and unique style of the Kinesis 'Jo Burt' Signature Bar Tape. This premium quality bar tape was developed in collaboration with one of Kinesis UK's long-distance riding ambassadors, Jo Burt.

Known for his long-standing history in road, cyclocross, and mountain biking, Jo Burt also holds acclaim for his creative pursuits. Earning fame for creating 'Mint Sauce', a popular comic strip featuring a mountain biking sheep, Jo is a beloved figure in the cycling community. His wealth of knowledge and unique insights into the world of cycling were utilised in the design of this signature bar tape, making it a true representation of Jo's experience and passion for cycling.

Not just tailored for aesthetics, this bar tape guarantees to enhance your riding experience. The grip design is dedicated to offering the utmost comfort during long rides, mimicking the effortless style and incredible resilience of Jo Burt himself. The tape is durable, shock-absorbent and easy to wrap, perfect for any cyclists looking to upgrade their ride.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist looking to add a personal touch to your bike or a beginner searching for high-quality bike accessories, the Kinesis 'Jo Burt' Signature Bar Tape is an exceptional choice. Indulge in the world of cycling with a touch of personality and comfort designed by a true pioneer of the sport.