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Lezyne - Chain Gauge


Lezyne Chain Gauge - A Multi-function Bicycle Tool

The Lezyne Chain Gauge is not just practical, but it also sports a stylish look. Specially designed for biking enthusiasts, it serves multiple functions, resulting in an extremely useful on-the-go tool kit. It boasts a built-in chain hook and wear indicator, so you can easily check the life left in your chain. This prevents premature wear and tear to your bike’s drivetrain, ensuring smoother rides for longer.

In addition to the chain gauge, the tool also provides a handy valve core removal feature. No matter whether you’re riding a 5-speed or 12-speed bicycle, the Chain Gauge is ideally suited for your needs and precision-machined for unmatched accuracy.

Fabricated from stainless steel, this Lezyne Chain Gauge guarantees long-term durability. Including a convenient carry ring, it can hang close to your repair stand, prompting you to regular chain checks contributing to the health of your bike. After all the hard work, there’s even a bottle opener integrated into the tool, so you can sit back and enjoy a chilled beverage.

A reliable companion for your bike maintenance tasks - this Lezyne Chain Gauge is your ultimate accessory!

Start preserving the health of your bike with the Lezyne Chain Gauge - Order today!