Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Cups

Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Cups

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Part Number: CPB014
GTIN/UPC: 8004995867435


For use with Ultra-Torque chainsets, where the axle joins in the middle of the chainset. Careful studies conducted by the Campy Tech Lab engineers allowed material to be removed in zones that could be lightened but at the same time points of stress were strengthened. To make the bottom bracket more efficient the axle has varying thicknesses, obtaining an incredibly light axle while offering absolute rigidity. Maintaining the lateral measurements already defined guarantees maximum compatibility. Features: * Super Record cups are only for use with Super Record chainset. * Campagnolo original replacement part * Light weight construction * Bearings not included. * Easy to install In The Box * 2 x Ultra-Torque Cups * LH Crush Washer * RH Circlip * Warranty Information * User Manual CPB001: OC12-REI CPB002: OC12-REG CPB003: OC12-SRI CPB004: OC12-SRG CPB005C: IC15-RE41 CPB006C: IC15-RE42 CPB014C: IC15-RE46 CPB015C: IC15-UTR51E CPB017C: IC15-UT386 CPB018: IC19-UT73


Sizes 68 X 46 IC12-RE46, SUPER RECORD BSA, SUPER RECORD ITALIAN, U-T 68 X 42, U-T 68 X 46, U-T 73 X 42, U-T 79 X 46, U-T 86.5 X 41, U-T ITALIAN,
Brand Campagnolo
Model Year 2020
Barcode 8004995867435