Wolf Tooth - CAMO Direct Mount Spider E13

Wolf Tooth - CAMO Direct Mount Spider E13

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  • Handmade in Minnesota, USA by Wolf Tooth
  • Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium
  • ED coated steel bolts included


  • This is a spider for use with the E13 cranksets that have a removable spider
  • One chainline option available. The number and letter refer to the mm offset and direction from the mounting face to the centerline of the teeth:
  • CAMO mounting bolts can be purchased separately, but all the CAMO spiders come with stainless steel bolts if you don't order them.

Installation notes:

  • You will be able to access all bolts without removing the spider
  • Line up the little dot on the ring with the dot on the spider. Don't worry, you cannot install the ring in the wrong rotational orientation.
  • Be sure the bosses on the spider ""plug in"" to the chainring.
  • Torque bolts only to 4-5 Nm and use blue Loctite thread locker