Bontrager Rear Mount Adjustable Kickstand

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An adjustable rear-mount kick stand that fits bikes of all sizes, from 24 inch to 29 inch wheels.
- The adjustable length fits bikes with 24-29" wheels
- Attaches to the rear of the bike near the intersection of the seatstay and chainstay
- Includes mounting hardware

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David McMeechan

Hello, just bought a trek dual sport 4. Will this stand fit it? Thanks, David.

Store Staff


Hi David

Unfortunately not, but this one should fit fine W330289, Kickstand Atran Rex-DV KSA-18 Mount Adjustable 24/28 Black, they are out of stock at the moment but will be coming in early next week. Please note that the item is not currently on our website but if you try in a couple of days it should be there and available for you to order.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards


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