Science In Sport REGO Juice - 30ml

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Science In Sport REGO Juice - 30ml

Colour: Cherry
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Training and competition places considerable stress on the body, and scenarios exist where a goal of accelerated recovery is more important than physiological adaptationAt these times, individuals may be required to perform multiple training sessions or competitive events within or on consecutive days, and recovery protocols are key in maintaining optimal performanceScience in Sport REGO Cherry Juice is naturally rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and melatonin shown to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and encourage better sleepMontmorency cherries are a specific variety of sour cherry, which gives the natural tart flavourScience in Sport REGO Cherry Juice is tested under the Informed Sport Certification programRecommended Usage: Dilute a single gel pack (30 ml) in 250-350 ml of cold water or mix into a recovery shake, smoothie or natural yoghurtTake REGO Cherry Juice twice daily for 4?5 days before an event or for 2?3 days afterwards to promote recovery, following a 1x morning and 1x evening protocolSuitable for: Vegans; Gluten Free; Wheat Free; Nut Free; Lactose Free; Soya Free; Shellfish (Molluscs) Free