Wera Tools 967 SPKL/9 Torx BO Multi BlackLaser

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High quality L-keys made of stainless steel for hexagonal socket screws by Wera Tools. Stainless steel prevents the transfer of extraneous rust. The Hex-Plus profile offers a greater contact surface in the head of the screw, reducing the notching effect to a minimum and almost eliminating damage to the screw head.

These L-keys come with a hex ballpoint on the long arm, allowing you to swivel the tool axis away from the screwdriving axis for "round the corner" screwdriving. The "Take it easy" Tool Finder provides colour coding according to size, making it easy to identify the right tool quickly.

Key Features:

  • Solution to the extraneous rust problem: fasten stainless screws with stainless tools
  • Hex-Plus design allows socket head screws to last longer
  • Stainless steel L-keys prevent extraneous rust on stainless screws
  • Take it easy tool finder with colour coding according to sizes
  • Wear-resistant clip material for enhanced durability

Set Contains:

  • 1x TX 8x90
  • 1x TX 9x101
  • 1x TX 10x112
  • 1x TX 15x123
  • 1x TX 20x137
  • 1x TX 25x154
  • 1x TX 27x172
  • 1x TX 30x195
  • 1x TX 40x224