Knipex Diagonal Side Cutters

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Diagonal Side Cutters KP2000A - 7001160,High Leverage Diagonal Side Cutters KP2000B - 7401200/ KP2001A - 7412180Reliable helpers for professional use, Tough and Strong thanks to their high cutting capacity and indestructible strength, the Knipex high leverage diagonal cutters are highly valued by craftsmen, and therefore have always been in great demand. Low weight with optimum ergonomics and geometry offers a 20 % energy saving compared to conventional diagonal cutters of the same size, the Knipex KP2000B offers a much better ratio between the force required and cutting capacity. KP2000B High leverage diagonal cutters for tough constant use.* KP2000B/KP2001A only: High cutting performance with minimum effort due to coordination of the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio* KP2000B/KP2001A only: For very tough, continuous use* The indispensable diagonal cutter for all round use* High quality material and precise workmanship for long service life* Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire* Clean cutting of thin copper wires, also at the cutting edge tips* Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. KP2000A - 62 HRC, (KP2000B/KP2001A) 64 HRC* Narrow head style for use in confined areas* Vanadium electric steel, forged, multistage oil hardened* KP2001A: only With opening spring; to be activated if required**Technical Attributes*** Article No: KP2000A - 70 01 160, KP2000B - 74 01 200, KP2001A - 74 12 180* EAN: KP2000A - 4003773013426, KP2000B - 4003773034056, KP2001A - 4003773060192* Pliers: Black atramentized* Head: Polished* Handles: Plastic coated (KP2001A - with multi-component grips)* Dimensions: KP2000A - 160x50x13mm, KP2000B - 200x47x15mm, KP2001A - 180x53x21mm* Standard: DIN ISO 5749* REACH compliant: does not contain SVHC* RoHS compliant: not applicable* Cutting capacities soft wire: 4.0mm (KP2000A)* Cutting capacities medium hard wire: KP2000A - 3.0mm, KP2000B - 4.2mm, KP2001A - 3.8mm* Cutting capacities hard wire: KP2000A - 2mm, KP2000B - 3.0mm, KP2001A - 2.7mm* Cutting capacities piano wire: KP2000A - N/A, KP2000B - 2.5mm, KP2001A - 2.2mm * Weight: KP2000A - 171g, KP2000B - 263g, KP2001A - 273g