Wera Tools Bicycle Set 15

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Tool specialist Wera presents Bicycle set 15, ultra compact and lightweight bike tools with two quadruple bits and three tyre levers. Four different screw profiles can be operated with just one bit. All three tyre levers are made of fibre glass reinforced plastic, meaning you can safely and easily remove your tyres from your rim without any damage.Four screw sizes can be operated with the 4-in-1 bits. One bit offers 4 sizes of hexagonal sockets screws (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0). The other offers 3 different sizes (2.5, 5.0, 6.0) with one size of Torx screws as well (TX25). In order to use the larger profile, continuously press against the spring tension while screwdriving so that the smaller profile is counter sunk and the larger profile can be used.A 4-in-1 bit can be inserted into one tyre lever, this can then be used as a torque wrench up to 10nm and stack two levers together to achieve 20nm. One of the tyre levers serves as both valve ejector and bleeder valve. The levers and 4-in-1 bits can be clipped together, so that everything is compact and nothing will be lost.To remove the screw bits from the tyre levers, simply rotate the bits in their housing by 60 degrees to pop them out. * Innovative, extremely compact quadruple bit- only one bit for four different screw sizes.* Super space saving solution, ideal for mobile use* Compact, secure and very simple retainer in the Wera tyre levers * **All Wera tools are covered by a lifetime guarantee****Set includes:*** 2 x 9504 tyre jack with bit mounting 2 * 1 x 9505 tyre jack with bit mounting 3 * 1 x 9506 4-in-1 bit 1* 1 x 9507 4-in-1 bit 2**Technical specifications:*** Set weight: 86g